Step-by-step guide: Planning a successful industrial automation project

Step-by-Step Guide: Planning a successful industrial automation project

Is your company thinking about automating a portion of the workload? Industrial automation is a quickly growing trend among a number of industrial industries, and judging by the projected numbers, there is no slowing down in the near future. As an industry leading industrial automation company, follow our step by step guide while planning for a successful industrial automation project.

Avoid a nightmare and follow these eight easy steps when you’re looking to automate:

1) Define your Component Assembly Systems Specifications

When you define your performance specifications for assembly automation equipment thoroughly, you’ll force yourself to review available space, budget, manpower, desired machine rates, product designs, etc. With a complete picture of your expectations, NuTec can help make your automation process a painless one.

2) Review your Product Design for Automation

Get NuTec or your preferred automation provider involved in the product design early, to save yourself a lot of grief if you intend to automate. We frequently identify subtle product design changes which will simplify your project, and increase automation reliability. After all…we are the experts.

Remember, consistent components are the key to automation so make sure your product is always within tolerance.

3) Review the Economics. What can you afford to do?

NuTec can provide you with choices of various levels of automation to meet almost any budget. Your careful analysis of investment and payback however, is vital at the very early stages of exploration, so that you don’t waste time and money chasing the impossible.

4) Talk it over with production

What do the operators and the production managers want? What resources do the plant personnel have to install, service, and maintain the equipment? Because all automation projects end up changing something in your plant, ‘early buy-in’ will go far towards acceptance of your project. NuTec can help by participating in those discussions, so that everybody feels a part of the automation project.

Are you interested in a free automation project assessment? Or maybe you have a few questions for us. Please fill out our quick contact form and we will have one of our Automation Architects reach out to you.

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5) ‘Team Up’ with your provider

The more information you provide us, the higher your chances will be for a successful project. Once we start on your job, you’ll be assigned your own project manager, who’ll provide you with bi-weekly progress reports, and facilitate any changes you care to make along the way. Confidentiality is very important to us, and we can provide a secure assembly area for your project.

6) Be specific in your quotation demands

Outline every performance spec you think practical…cycle time, 100% inspection, touch screen controls, statistical reporting, etc. and then identify those specs you could ‘give up’ to improve the economics. If we know your wish list, we can frequently add inexpensive features early on which will provide added performance to the equipment.

7) Make sure your drawings and sample parts are the latest version

Deciding whether a particular style of feeder can handle your parts, or whether the samples drift in tolerance and vary from the print, requires an adequate amount of parts for evaluation.

Make sure the parts you send are the ones you want to automate. Please talk over proposed product changes with us before you make them final. You can save a lot of time and money by doing so.

8) Be open minded to different automation solutions

Many automation suppliers only offer one type of automation. Don’t be surprised if NuTec suggests a different concept for your project. We are only interested in designing the best system for your special application, and the system we propose is usually based upon successful, proven experience we’ve had with application somewhat similar to yours.

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