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Big Data And Automation Trends In The Medical Device Industry

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the United States is the largest medical device
market in the world with a market size of around $156 billion (2017). Zacks Industry research in 2018 ups the revenue estimate to $180 billion, and cites JPMG data.

Strategic Sourcing with an Industrial Automation Partner

Corporate procurement, or sourcing, is moving away from its traditional focus on transactional unit costs and towards the strategic goal of building strong, effective supply chains that deliver great overall value to an organization at the lowest total cost.

Benefits of Automating Medical Device ManufacturingContract Manufacturing

Robotics and other industrial automation solutions offer many potential benefits to medical device manufacturers.

Contract Manufacturing

Our contract equipment manufacturing services: reduce your cost, deliver quality product, & meet production requirements.

TrayTender 2100

The TrayTender 2100 is an automated tray loading and unloading system. This item is made for complete customization.

Reasons to Automate with NuTec

Find out what makes us stick out from the competition and what makes us a leader in the industrial automation industry.

Medical Device Assembly Equipment

With proven know-how in molding, assembly, functional testing and validation, we can help medical and device manufacturers in every phase of production.

Custom Automated Machinery

From simple workstations or fixtures to large, sophisticated automation systems. You demand performance and NuTec delivers.


Our original tray-handling system. Feeding parts from trays is streamlined into an efficient, simple task.

Product Verification

Our product verification will ensure quality, consistency, and increased productivity. No matter the application, we can create a custom verification system to meet your needs.