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NuTec, Automation Architects

About NuTec, an Industrial Automation Company

NuTec is an Industrial Automation Company. For over 30 years NuTec designed and manufactured an extensive range of electro-mechanical automation solutions. We specialize in solving the unique challenges of contract manufacturers and manufacturers of complex components. Our customers are in many different industries, including medical, small electronics/devices, electro-mechanical automation, energy storage, consumer products, and more.

Our History

NuTec shares a rich heritage of precision manufacturing in Northwest Pennsylvania. NuTec’s founder, Ken Deane, received a springboard education as he took his Toolmaker’s apprenticeship at Talon Zipper. Talon Zipper, founded in 1893, ultimately moved to Meadville, Pa. It was in Meadville that the zipper as we know it was invented; until then they were producing hookless fasteners for boots and shoes. Here, the zipper was mass-produced beginning in the 1920s.

The high demand for zippers drove a huge demand for skilled Toolmakers. One aspect of this manufacturing of Zippers was the need to design and build specialize equipment to manufacture zipper chain as well as equipment leased to clothing manufacturers to assemble zippers on clothing. Ken Deane benefited from this unique education and specialized training.

The Talon company encountered significant difficulties in the late 70’s and declined over the next 20 years as off-shore manufacturing challenged their domain. Eventually this core of skilled craftsmen began moving into the community, starting their own businesses. As time went on, NuTec Tooling Systems was formed in 1983, capitalizing on the special art of automated equipment design and build. Meadville was nicknamed Tool City USA with more tool shops per capita than any other place in the United States.

NuTec prides itself as being part of this synergistic hub of talent. Today, we continue to provide state-of-the-art solutions to industry challenges. The art of equipment build lives on with innovative designs and world-class expertise. NuTec provides world-class production-worthy equipment to Fortune 100 companies and has equipment located in 13 countries.

Our long-term relationships are testimony to where we have been, who we are and where we are going.

We are Automation Architects

Automation Architects

As Automation Architects, our team of experienced engineers and project managers provide customers with a clear vision of custom automation projects. While incorporating state of the art automation technology and integration, we work diligently with our customers by investing the time required to deliver true customized results. Automation projects can be quite complex, like an architect, our customers rely on our deep technical knowledge, experience, and skill to deliver the leanest, most cost-effective solution for successfully integrating a true customized automation result.

We are Contract Manufacturing Experts

We specialize in following requirements to meet your expectations for quality engineered and machined parts, subcontract design and machining, and build to print machining for contract manufacturers. Not only can we help you with your existing ideas, we are also capable of building, assembling, and programming your automation needs ourselves.

Why Choose Us

  • We have over 30 years of automation experience
  • Precision fabrication, critical assembly, and engineering integration
  • Dedicated single point contact Project Managers
  • Complete on-site, or off-site, installation, set-up, and start-up
  • The best solution for your automation product design and development

What Clients Say

That’s one impressive cell. It was fascinating to watch and I marvel every time I walk by various complex automated cells here and then consider the amount of expertise it takes to make these things hum. Hats off to you guys.
I want to express my sincere appreciation to the NuTec team for all of the activities we did last week [during VAT]. The dedication and passion shown was impressive.
I can honestly say that of the five automated machines we built for this project, the one from NuTec went the smoothest and is the most functional and user friendly. I am looking forward to working with you again on future projects.
The expertise and excellence that your staff exhibited were key to our successful development and scale-up of two new prismatic products. The equipment arrived at our facilities and was debugged / qualified in record time. The units operated at an incredible 98% efficiency at start-up.”
Customer, Fortune 500 Consumer Products Company