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Automated Assembly Systems

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Custom Assembly Automation System Design, Manufacturing & Integration

By designing and building custom automated systems, we help manufacturers increase production potential while lowering costs and improving quality.

We manufacture flexible, lean assembly automation equipment — ranging from sub-assemblies to fully-automated, turnkey assembly lines — that allow you to increase assembly process efficiency and profitability and improve product quality and safety.

Our fully-automated assembly systems reflect the utmost precision in robotics design, construction, and integration. It always aims at maximum process reliability and our objective is always the efficient solution of a complex assembly problem.

For our customers this means maximum modularity and flexibility in their assembly automation systems – accompanied at the same time by a high level of availability and re-useability.

Depending on the job in question, our systems deal with small and miniature parts at high output rates or heavy parts with a low output rates. We follow a very clear principle to never compromise on the quality and availability of the assembly plant and equipment which our team manufactures and delivers. This is our contribution to the continued success of our customers.

Our in-house team of designers, builders, and integrators work closely with customers to satisfy their requirements—from consultation and design to install, start-up and training. We immerse ourselves in product development, design, and product launch procedures and analyze all production steps thoroughly.

Assembly System Platforms:

  • Precision Systems
    •line fit assembly of micro components
  • Welding Systems
    • Ultrasonic
    • Laser
    • Resistance
    • Spot
  • Product Identification Systems
    • Bar Code
    • Ink jet
    • Laser mark
    • Dot Peen
    • Pad Print
  • Dispensing Systems
    • micro liters to milliliters
    • reagents
    • adhesives
    • lubricants
    • coatings
  • Curing Systems
    • heat
    • pressure
    • UV
  • Inspection Systems
    • vision
    • laser
    • leak
    • torque
    • force
    • electric
    • weigh
    • functional
  • Product Handling Systems
    • traying
    • machine tending
    • part transfer
    • palletizing
    • buffering
    • custom conveying
  • Metal Integration Systems
    • die functions for singulating, crimping, punching blanking, peening
  • Press Side Automation Systems

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