Electromechanical contract manufacturing and sub-assembly outsourcing

electromechancial contract manufacturing

Do you have electro-mechanical sub-assemblies or products that are not part of your key business, perhaps even considered a ‘nuisance’ to your in-house productivity?

Maybe you strategically need assemblies to fulfill your business plan and production requirements.

We’ve carved out a unique service niche by manufacturing and assembling electromechanical sub-assembly items. Ultimately, our contract manufacturing efforts will relieve your team of this distraction and get your business back to being fully focused on its core competencies.

With NuTec assembling your sub-assembly items, you will grow your business.

Our contract manufacturing and assembly business is a proven method for continued company growth. Our ability to interface with your designs, manufacture, inventory components, and provide you with quality assemblies has granted our partners the opportunity for growth.

Ultimately, we allow you to free your resources, outsource work, and reallocate dollars to higher priority tasks.


• Cost Savings – eliminate hiring additional skilled labor to produce your product.

• Meeting your commitments – we help manage your product workflow.

• Plant Space Savings – save plant production space.

• Quality Control – benefit from our precise quality management procedures, ensuring that your customers receive the highest quality product.

Outsource to us if:

• A product or sub-assembly item which falls outside your primary focus.

• Strategically, subbing the work makes the most sense.

• The manufacturing processes involved does not fit with your primary capabilities.

• Your factories are at capacity, and having some products made by outside vendors increases your flexibility.

Our Contract Manufacturing Advantage:

• We offer blind shipping of your product directly to your customer.
• Customized Packaging
• Branded equipment documentation
• Accelerate product to market
• Increase your manufacturing capacity
• Diversified sourcing
• Inventory Control
• Vendor Qualification
• Low Cost Sourcing
• Complete or partial assemblies
• Blanket Orders
• Minimum Stock Thresholds
• Pull System
• Same day Shipping from Stock
• Warranty Part Replacement
• Service / Technical Support
• Optimized Lead Time to your Client
• Lower cost of goods sold
• Free your resources to focus on your own specialties & growing your business.
• Flexible resource management
• Reduce WIP carrying costs
• Design for manufacturing
• Resize / Retool your product
• Enhance your controls
• Rebuilds

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Reliable Contract Manufacturing US Partner NuTec

Services Provided:

• Electronic Equip. Refurbishing
• Electric Equip. Reverse Engineering
• Specialty Molding and Potting
• JIT/KanBan Programs
• Customer On-Site
• Technical Support
• World-wide Shipping Capabilities
• Full-time Customer Service
• PLC Programming
• Pneumatic Testing
• Inventory Management
• Class 10,000 Clean Room

• Custom Cable Assembly
• Custom Cable Harnesses
• Electronic Sub-Assembly
• Full Box Builds
• Electro-Mechanical Assembly
• Electro-Pneumatic Assembly
• DFM and DFT Services
• 100% Electrical Test
• 100% Functional Test
• Vetronics
• Electronic Hardware Kitting
• Mechtronics
• System Integration

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